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Faculty/Tutor's Terms & Conditions

  • Tutor Registration is completely free. Only Service Charges are applicable.
  • Tutor's monthly payment will be given by The Future Tutorials from the starting and ending of a particular tuition. No advanced Payment will be given.
  • The Future Tutorials has the right to collect their Charges from the clients at any time.
  • Once the tutor is registered, He/She should be ready to give Demo classes at the Student's residence.
  • Tutor need to submit His/Her ID proof to the Parent/Student by the time of demo class.
  • When a tutor is given any Demo Class, then it is the duty of the tutor to update the feedback to The Future Tutorials within 2 Hours.
  • Daily attendance reports will be collected from the clients by "The Future Tutorials-attendance System". So Tutor should not take any leaves without informing to us.
  • If any tuition provided to you continues for the next year (after completing one full year) the tutor has to pay the services charges.
  • The tutor's mobile must be switched off at the time of tuition/demo session. And the tutor do not waste much time by discussing personal matters and his/her future career plans etc. with the student/parent.
  • Don't collect any payment from the client. If Necessary Always collect cheque in favour of "The Future Tutorials" only.
  • The tutors are not allowed to discontinue any tuition, once started, before the end of annual exams. If any tutor does so, the payment of the last month will not be made to the tutor as penalty.
  • If a registered tutor is not responding to the CALL/SMS/EMAIL alerts from The Future Tutorials, then we are not liable to give further tutoring assignments to that tutors. Also will be taking legal action on such kind of tutors.
  • After assigning the tuition, tutor must be communicate always with The Future Tutorials.
  • If the regular tuition has got cancelled after one month due to any reasons; The Future Tutorials is not responsible for that.
  • The Future Tutorials has the right to cancel the tutoring assignments without giving prior intimation, if any complaints we get from the Parents/Students. (like incompetence, misappropriate behavior, lack of punctuality etc of the tutor)
  • If any tutor cross the above mentioned terms, The Future Tutorials having the right to take legal action on such Tutor.
  • The Future Tutorials reserves the right to change all or any of these above mentioned Terms and Conditions without giving any prior notice.

  • Documentation (Submit After Joining Class) :

    Please check the list of Documents & send the scanned copies of following to our E-mail ID:
    A. PAN Card.
    B. Photo Id (Any One: Voter ID, Passport, Driving licence or Aadhar Card)
    C. One passport size photographs.
    D. Permanent/Present Address proof (Any One: Driving license, Passport, Voter's ID card)
    E. Secondary and Senior Secondary mark sheets.
    F. Latest degree and mark sheets.
    G. Scan Copy Of Checque.

    Bank Account Details (For Salary Deposite) :
    Bank Name:...........
    Account Name :...........
    Account no:...........
    Account Type:...........
    ICFC CODE:...........

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